21st Century Marilyn

Hello Monday, I’m glad to see you, I’ve had a pretty action packed weekend!  On Saturday I was sent to the East Coat Live Festival in Ipswich courtesy of F+F Clothing and BlinkBox Music.  Some of you might have seen the odd picture on Instagram but I wasn’t able to upload as much as I wanted because there was zero 4G signal there.  Why is that when you go to a big event like that, and even at Fashion Week, the main area becomes a huge mobile signal black hole?!  Tres annoying!  Anyway I’ll be doing a full post on all those shenanigans tomorrow.  In the mean time I’ll leave you with today’s outfit which is exactly what the titles says, a 21st century Marilyn.

Shoes – Zara (Similar here)
Bag – Chanel
Items marked with * have been gifted


Yar!!! Today one is dressed like one is off on a Cruise…y’know as ya do!  Yeh so I am feeling slightly more demure than usual and quite simply just experimenting with a few older bits from the darkest depths of my wardrobe.  This off white pleated skirt (from Primark) has survived several wardrobe culls and would you believe it has resided in my wardrobe for just over 3 years!  Shock.  Horror.  It needed a bit of winterising so I’ve teamed it with my new fave jumper (a Zara sale bargain at £12.99) and the ‘Muse’ (Timothy Everest x Superdry) blazer that I won at last London Fashion Week.  So I’m feeling pretty middle class today, but if you see me dipping bread in oil slap me, as I’ve clearly got carried away!

*Blazer – C/O Superdry x Timothy Everest (Current).     Jumper – Zara (Current, Sale).
Skirt – Primark (Old).     *Bag – C/O Forever 21 (Current).     Sunglasses – Primark (Old).
For colours on nails please see my ‘5, Not 50 Shades Of Grey’ Post