Breaking News!  I have started the ‘Squat Challenge’!  Yes…me!  The weekend’s glorious news that I’m going on my first holiday in 5 years in May prompted me to start this famed Squat Challenge in an attempt to get my bikini body up to scratch.  Perhaps we might want to revisit this topic in say a couple of days and see if I’ve actually stuck to it (doubtful).  I’m also doing the sit up challenge and let me tell you, this exercise shizzle is no walk in the park.
Oh and yes I know it’s too cold for shorts but obviously my outfit posts are shot in advance and when I shot this it wasn’t anywhere as near as baltic as it is now.  Brrrrrrrr….It’s cold in here, there must be some Torros in the atmosphere….hands up if you remember that film #ClassicTeenyBopper

Blazer – Zara (Similar here)
Shorts – Zara (Similar here)
Boots – Zara (Similar here)
Items marked with an * have been gifted or purchased with a gift card from that brand

Spring Time

I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am about this sudden change in weather, I mean geez it’s like we’re in the bloody tropics!  That said, I think for some people the excitement has gone to their heads.  They might be “all the rage” for the youth of today but if I see one more pair of ass-cheek-exposing-shorts this week I’m going to be having words!  I’m all up for a pair of denim shorts, once my legs are bronzed and de-fuzzed then I shall in fact don a pair!  But what most people don’t want to see (me included) staring them in the face , as we travel up the escalator from the tube, is a pair of fleshy butt cheeks, jiggling away.  Girls, put them away it’s only 13 degrees #JustSaying

Jeans – Zara (Similar here)
Bag – KG by Kurt Geiger
Necklace – eBay (Similar here)
Shoes – New Look (Similar here)

Boss Lady

While I was out and about on Monday I took my new brogues out for a test drive.  I spotted these ‘Boss Lady’ pointed brogues on the Schuh Instagram and had to go and check them out in the flesh.  When I tried them on in store they felt like butter smothered all over my feet!  The leather is so soft and they are quite possibly the most comfortable pair of shoes I own (trainers aside!).  They also come in plain black but there’s something a bit Miu Miu-esque about the contrast in colours on these ones.

Coat – Zara (Current, Simliar Here).     Shirt – Zara – (Old, Similar Here).
Rings with Pastel Stones – Primark (Old).
Colour on Nails

Daisy Daze

I‘ve teamed up with Dorothy Perkins to show you their Spring line of jewellery titled ‘Daisy Daze’.  It couldn’t be more fitting for Spring!  The range includes a ring, stud earrings, elasticated bracelet, statement necklace and simple pendant necklace.  I’ve dressed them in a pastel spring outfit which is still suitable for this chilly weather we’re having at the moment.  There’s a lot of floral influence for SS14; Burberry, John Galliano, Ryan Lo, Eudon Choi to name but a few, and if florals on print are too much for you, why not go with the accessories!

‘Leigh’ Jeans – Topshop (Current).     Shirt – Zara (Old).     Boots – Zara (Old).
Bag – Mulberry
Colour on Nails